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The Team

Delaney CMS  is well known and respected for our professional excellence and our solid core values. This enables us to attract the best people.  The firm's principles are listed below, including a breif description of the value they can add to your next project.

Mary Kathleen Delaney

​Mary Kathleen is Owner and CEO.  She is accountable for each project's success including the quality of services and the satisfaction of our clients and partners. 


Mary has over 10 years of experience coordinating and managing capital projects ranging in scale from several thousand to several million dollars.     

Joseph Delaney



​Joseph is General Manager of the CM Group. He is accountable for selecting, and then executing, the best project delivery approach for our clients and partners.     


Joseph has over 25 years of experience in construction including senior executive positions.  

Michael Walker



Mike is a professional project manager with a 

distinguished military career, ​having served our

county in Panama, Afghanistan, and Iraq. 


Mike has over 20 years experience managing

project and programs.      



" Mary helped resolve problems that the sub-primes encountered such as competition for working space, making sure material deliveries were appropriate and finding quick solutions when the construction documents proved impractical in the field. My opinion is that she has a level of construction knowledge and experience that is hard to duplicate"

Value Statement

​At Delaney CMS we strive to do our best in both our business and personal lives. Our core values of competency, equality, empowerment, and innovativeness, motivate and focus us on the strategies and tactics to meet our client's goals. 

Dr. David Boyle  

Program Director ($42 Mil K-12 Project)





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